On this page I’m adding pictures from Kuwait and things that I have drawn myself.

This is a place in the desert that I felt power from.


This is the National flower of Kuwait.

This is my vision of The Morrígan.

The Morrígan

And this is my vision of Lugh.


And the Raven…

The Raven


11 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. bill1943 says:

    The only one I disagree with is Morrígan, the three in one. 😉

  2. féileacán says:

    love the raven pic. also like your book reviews and study program.

    bhfuil gaeilge agat?

  3. anastasia says:

    The raven is beautiful! You did an excellent job.

  4. Diarmuid says:

    Lugh is without barb in reality… is not?

  5. Matt Bliton says:

    A question for a scholar: I am a bit confused about the Otherworld where the Irish Celts went and the Underworld where the Tautha De Danann were vanquished to by the invading Milesians. Am I correct in thinking that these are two different worlds?
    Matt, Musician from Michigan, USA

  6. Matt Bliton says:

    Thanks much.

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