Manannan Mac Lir

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Full Title: Pagan Portals: Manannan Mac Lir Meeting the Celtic God of Wave and Wonder

Author: Morgan Daimler

Publisher: Moon Books

Published: 2019

ISBN: 978-1-78535-810-4

Pages: 78 includes bibliography, and appendix.

Synopsis: The sea is a powerful, driving force for many people, a source of sustenance as well as danger. It is no surprise that Manannan, the Celtic God of the sea, should be an important figure but one who is also as ambiguous as the element he is associated with: a trickster, a magic worker, an advisor and a warrior. In this book you will get to know the many faces of Manannan, called the son of the ocean, and learn of his important place in mythology and the pivotal role he plays in many events.

Review: Manannan Mac Lir is not one of my patron Gods per se, but he is a part of my life that I am still grappling with. He and I have our rough days but for the most part we understand what we want from each other. So when I learned that Morgan was writing a Pagan Portals book I knew I had to get it and when it came I knew I had to read it right away.

When I saw how tiny the book is I was a little worried because I was wondering how she would fit all of what Manannan is into it, but it is Morgan and I shouldn’t have worried. The book is made up of seven chapter, and a short conclusion. It also has a bibliography and an appendix containing a glossary and pronunciation guide.

Morgan managed to cover who He is, what was said about Him in mythology as well as pop culture, what “kind of a God He is” and also give us a picture of how a relationship with Him is possible from her personal experiences with Him. As with all of Morgan’s books this one was well researched and has a personal touch which I always love to read in books about the Gods.

I had a lot of fun reading this book and saw bits of myself in Morgan’s personal relationship with Him. I highly recommend this book.