The Celts across time have either fascinated people or horrified them. I’m one of these people who is of Celtic blood and totally in love with them, faults and all. This is my journey of discovery, care to join me?

Tosach Eolais Imchomharc
The Beginning of Knowledge is Inquiry

As I began to look through my past, to determine my place in the future, I stumbled a lot, lost my way a lot and finally came back home.

I am now set in my path and trying to move forward. In order for me to do that I had to look deeply into myself and figure out who I am, and what I wanted to ground my self into. I am trying to move away from my ego centric life, into a soul centric one. The path is long, and along the way I was fortunate enough to find a lot of friends and organizations that have and are helping. Working with them I was able to put my feet on the beginning of the road. I do not call myself a druid, nor do I want too, I am an Irish polytheist with CR leanings.

What this Blog offers:

On this Blog I will be uploading my research papers, my thesis (if I ever get around to writing one or two :-)), and my thoughts and analysis on various subjects. Some will be my own UPG and when that is the case I will be stating it on the top of the article for all to see.  I will also be reviewing books on the same subjects below.  (In the interest of disclosure, all books that I have and will review on this blog are purchases that I have made from Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Ebooks.com or Books On Board.) The subjects I hope to cover on this blog are:

* History of the Celts: To me history is where all studies into peoples should start and this is exactly where I started with my own studies. I will be adding my research papers as I write them. I’m sure there will be a few. I will be doing research papers on the Continental Celts, and on the Insular Celts. However, because of my studies I shall begin with the history of Ireland.

* Mythology of the Celts: Mythology is very important in studying about a culture. So the next step in my studies will be about Mythology. I will probably start with what mythology is and continue on from there. Of all the Celtic mythologies the ones that we know a lot about are Irish and Welsh mythologies. I shall be looking at these mythologies in depth and probably into folklore as well.

* Religion of the Celts: So much has been said about the Druids, and so many orders have sprung up around them. But are they all there is of the Celtic religion? What exactly do we know about it? What does it entail? In this part of the blog you will take a journey with me to discover all about the Celtic religion or at least what we know about it. You will also be reading about my own UPG (Unverified Personal Gnosis) and analysis of an idea I may have come across. These articles will be clearly marked as analysis or UPG.

* Other miscellaneous related topics: Many times I’ll find myself writing things that just don’t or won’t fit into any other category. So I’ll put it here. This category will hold all the things that might relate to the other categories but don’t directly fit into them.

Since I have just started my journey, this blog is an ever changing project, so please bookmark me and check back later for updates.