About Me

Its not often easy to talk about one’s self but since this is an about me section then I guess I must.

I suppose the best way to describe me would be as a seeker. From a very young age I was seeking, sometimes it was for an identity and at others it was for spiritual understanding. I come from two very different and at the same time very similar cultures. My mother is Middle Eastern and a Muslim, and my father is a mix of all the Celtic Cultures, and a Christian. Ever since I was young I was struggling with finding my place within each of these cultures. I learned however that really I didn’t fit into either completely. I must admit though that my affinity was always with my Celtic half even though I lived all my life in the Middle Eastern one.

I am a mechanical engineer with a love for history, culture and languages.  I am a very typical Aquarius, a romantic with a streak of reality and all in all a paradox even to myself.

My first love is Ireland and my second is the country I now call home, Kuwait. I also love to read, listen to Celtic music, draw, write poetry, and create web pages even though sometimes I don’t know what I am creating them for 🙂

So I guess that is me in a nutshell!