Taking Up the Runes

Author: Diana L. Paxson

Publisher: Weiser Books

Published: 2005

ISBN: 9781578633258

Synopsis: Although many of us first encountered runes in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, this sacred alphabet is by no means a fabrication for books or movies. Similar to Hebrew letters in the sense that each symbol contains a meaning that transcends its original function as a letter, the runes are practical, flexible, and effective symbols with a variety of uses. Today, the best known application of rune lore is divination: chips or stones marked with runes are drawn, cast, or laid out in patterns like tarot cards. In Taking Up the Runes, Paxson delves into the ancient historical meaning of each rune and explains their contemporary uses and meanings. We discover that the real power of runes comes from inside ourselves when we find the wisdom and power within each symbol and internalize them.

Review: I’ve only read a few books on Runes but this one is certainly my favorite of the lot.  It satisfied my curiosity for the academic side of Runes, as well as the intuitive side.

I found the book very interesting to read, and the manor of writing very easy to understand and certainly very much interest grabbing.  In other words, I wasn’t bored reading it.  I loved how she provided the ancient meanings of the Runes and the modern take on it.  It certainly gave one the option of going with either or mixing the two depending on where your meditations take you.

I know that a lot of people said the book was a bit Wiccany…Unless they meant the Rites, I didn’t see it.  As to the rites and spells,  you can always tailor them to fit in with your path, no one said you had to take the them as is…They do give a good idea of what these rites and spells might look like to a person who has never put one together before or is too new to the path to put their own together just yet.

All in all, this is a good place to start if you want to learn about the Runes as it has a little bit of everything, and from what I read was put together from teaching a course.  So the book is great for self-study or for use in a group as a text book to teach Runes.

**Recommended to me by my awesome friend Lairbhan who blogs about the Runes and other Witchy/Druidry things on her blog.  You might want to give her a look see at : http://lairbhan.blogspot.com