A Pagan Ritual Prayer Book by Ceisiwr Serith

Synopsis: From the Fall Equinox and Beltane to celebrations of peace and justice, A Pagan Ritual Prayer Book offers more than 700 prayers for the rituals of life–from the sacred to the mundane.

A companion to the popular A Book of Pagan Prayer, this handbook of rituals and prayers is organized thematically, making it convenient to use if one is seeking prayers for specific occasions, seasons, times of day, meals, or milestones. Included is an extensive section on the requisites of ritual and how to use ritual and prayer to create lasting change in your life and in the world.

A Pagan Ritual Prayer Book is suitable for all pagans: Druids, Wiccans, solitaries, Greek & Norse Reconstructionists, Mystery Cult Reconstructionists, and more, offering perfect petitions or invocations to invoke, embrace, and honor the major events that make up our lives.

:  The synopsis is true, this is the perfect companion to A Book of Pagan Prayer or as I affectionately call it The Green Book (in case you are wondering this one is red lol).  The author included a wonderful introduction about how pagans DO pray for different reasons just like any religion.  The first part of the book describes prayer, and how it might be done, and rituals and what they entail.  The second part of the book is about how to build a ritual and all its different components and the types of prayers that can be used at different times of the year or day.  The third and final part is all about petitioning the Gods.

I really loved this book.  While I don’t think I will use the actual prayers in the book I know I will take inspiration from them.  The structure for the rituals is something that I have personally used for my own rituals and the final part about petitioning the Gods was my definite favorite.

This and the first book (A Book of Pagan Prayers) are a great addition to the newbies’ bookshelves.  They also make a great gift to someone like me, who like to get inspiration from other people’s prayers if and when they get stuck with their own.  They also give you ideas on how to perhaps put together a ritual or tweek your own to make it better.  This is the type of book I would like to see more of in the Pagan community.