A Guide to Ogam

Author: Damian McManus
Series: Maynooth Monographs number 4
Publisher: An Sagart, St. Patrick’s College
Published: 1991
ISBN: 1870684753

Review: I read this book as part of my research into Ogam. I wanted to see what its history was and where it first began as well as where it was found.

The author of this book does an excellent job of discussing the history of the Ogam alphabet, where it was found, what it was used for and when it might have originated and where.

The book certainly gave me a lot to think about. It discusses the two types of Ogam, gives some meanings to the original script, and gives us sources to look at in mythology and else where as to the uses of Ogam and how some of the misconceptions about it may have started.

A word of warning though, the book does go into the inscriptions themselves and does some translating so some chapters are just about that with only a little information, I found myself skimming them since they were mostly names of people, interesting though that might be it was not what I was after. In the end though I got A LOT out of this book. And feel ready enough to read the more recent books on the subject from a divination stand point.