Imbolc 2016 Air n-Aithesc Issue

I’m happy to announce the release of the Imbolc 2016 issue of Air n-Aithesc. With articles from Saigh Kym Lambert, Maya St.Clair, Morgan Daimler and Ceffyl Aedui.

Air n-Aithesc, Volume III Issue I, Imbolc 2016


Air nAithesc Imbolc/Bealtaine 2015

Imbolc:Beltaine 2015 (Table of Contents) Imbolc:Beltaine 2015 (cover)

In a previous post I shared with you the cover for the latest issue of Air n-Aithesc, well it is out now and here is the Table of Contents for this issue as well as the cover previously shared (in case you missed it).

You may get your copy by following this LINK.