Ireland and the Grail

Full Title: Ireland and the Grail

Author: John Carey

Publisher: Celtic Studies Publications

Published: 2007

Pages: 419 including a maps section, a Patrons of the Grail Legend section, a bibliography, a general index and an index of scholars.


This is the first book-length study of the origins of the Grail legend to have been undertaken by a specialist in medieval Irish literature. Drawing on a detailed reexamination of the relevant texts in Irish, Welsh, Latin and French, extensive sections of which are presented in new translations, the author argues that the roots of the Grail legend are to be sought in the lost Old Irish manuscript known as the Book of Druimm Snechtai.

A picture of the cover of  Ireland and The Grail

Review: So this book has been staring me in the face and on my To Be Read list since October 2012. Yep it has been waiting its turn patiently since then and the main reason for that is that I bought this book on  a whim. I love reading anything by John Carey but at the same time I’m not really all that interested in the legends of the Grail. I tend to think of them as Welsh or French and not Irish. When I saw the title I thought hmmm and John Carey and so here we are seven years later. I finally decided enough was enough, either I read it or I find it a good home with someone who would enjoy it. If you know anything about me you know that I rarely NOT read a book that I own and if I do read it I rarely DNF it. So at the beginning of May I started reading it. Yesterday, I finally finished it. I learned quite a lot from this book, I learned about the first ever Grail legend and who wrote it. I learned that even though on the surface it looks like its origins might be Wales that might be decieving and I leanred that I REALLY am not into the Grail Legends. As such, I’m not qualified to give it a real review. I can say that I enjoyed it for the most part and am glad that I read it. So since you came here for an honest review I’m not going to let you leave here with out one. Click on the link below!

In-depth Review

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