Review of Shadow of the Hooded Crow

Today I wanted to share with you the work of someone I really respect when it comes to the Warrior path or The MorrÍgan. This someone is Saigh Kym Lambert, and her blog is called Shadow of the Hooded Crow.

I want to start with her contributions to the Warrior Path.

She has a lot of thought provoking articles on her blog about this path but I recommend you start with Walking the Warrior Path in which she explains what this path means to her as an Outlaw warrior and just follow the links provided there.

She also has a link to her own training program which is called Outlaw Warrior Path Training. This page includes training for both the body and the mind.

Next I want to talk about her contributions as a writer/researcher.

I couldn’t decide on a favourite of mine for her works so I’m just going to list them in no special order and tell you where they were first published and where (when possible) they can be found now.

  1. Musings on the Irish War Goddesses: This is an article about The Morrígan and her sisters. It was first published in an anthology called By Blood, Bone and Blade: A tribute to the Morrígan, however, Saigh now offers it as a download on her blog if you just want to get that article alone (Musings on the Irish War Goddesses).
  2. The following articles were all first published in Air n-Aithesc and are now (or will be) offered as a download on her blog if you are just interested in getting her work (Air n-Aithesc Articles).
    1. “By Force in the Battlefield” – Finding the Irish Female Hero: This article looks at the Women warriors in Irish literature. It was first published in Air n-Aithesc Volume I Issue I.
    2. Going into Wolf Shape: A look at the connections between warriors and canines. It too was first published in  Air n-Aithesc Volume I Issue I.
    3. Muimme naFiann – Foster-mother of Heroes: A look at Scáthach, Bodbmall, Líath Lúachra (and other names used for Finn’s foster-mothers) and how their stories can inspire women, especially older women, involved in fénnidecht. This was first published in Air n-Aithesc Volume I Issue II.
    4. Chase to Nowhere – Thoughts on Fénnidecht Rites of Passage: Exploring evidence for the very non-linear rites of passage into and out of the wilderness warbands and how this might be of use to us today. This was first published in Air n-Aithesc Volume II Issue I.
    5. Warriors for the Horse Goddess: A very from the heart article about saving horses. This article is not yet on her blog since it has not passed the 90 day mark for re-publishing but you can find it on Air n-Aithesc Volume II Issue II
  3. The Hero Betwixt and Between: A look at the similarities between Finn Mac Cumhail and Cú Chulainn showing their Outlaw nature. This was published on  Keltria Journal #43 -“Heroes & Heroines”
  4. Championing Ourselves: Some thoughts on her early story with her Goddesses. This was originally published in SageWoman, issue #39, Autumn 1997 (Championing Ourselves).
  5. Books, academic papers and primary sources: This is a page where you can find all the important works out there about the War Goddess. (Resources)

Shadow of the Hooded Crow

If you want to learn about the Warrior Path and The Morrígan then just click on it.


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