The Celts An Illustrated History

Author: Helen Litton

Publisher: Wolfhound Press

Published: 1997

ISBN: 9780863275777

Pages: 138 including a bibliography, index, and many pictures both black and white and coloured.


Synopsis: In the eyes of the world Ireland is a Celtic country – but just how Celtic is Ireland? Do we know whether the Celts arrived at all? What was their real impact on this western island at the edge of the known world?

Review: I brought this book from and from the name I honestly thought it would be one of these books with lots of illustrations and not enough words. What can I say, I can’t resist a book that says Celts on the cover. When it arrived I thought…oh well it is such a tiny book…full of pictures no doubt…I’ll start with it, look at the nice pictures then put it on the shelf. I did none of that.

The book certainly had many pictures. It also had text. Good text. The author, for the time period this was written in, was really on top of her game. She knew what she was talking about and she certainly knew how to present her information in a way that was informative and not boring.

I loved all the boxes with quotes from the classical writers about the Celts and about Ireland. The pictures were a great collection and were interesting to look at. This is one of the best introductory books on the Celts that I have read because even thought it was written in 1997 it still felt very relevant today in 2015.


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