Manx Calendar Customs

Author: C. I. Paton

Publisher: The University Press, Glasgow

Published: 1939

Series: Folk-Lore Society London Monographs (Volume 110)

Pages:147 including Addenda and index, with pictures.



So obviously another old book, but this one is so interesting because it had so many similar customs to the Irish and the Scottish.

The book follows the calendar starting with how the year was divided. The author describes the movable calendar days and then goes on to discuss the months and then the days with celebrations in each month.

The author included what people did on these days, omens (weather and heavenly bodies, Fire and ashes, Water, people, animals plants and food), superstitions, sayings, proverbs, observances, and poetry.

The last chapters of the book discussed the practices around wells and in fairs.

I think my only complaint with this book is the way it was organised. Under each month and day there are classifications, and the author chose to tell you what these classifications were at the very beginning of the book after the table of contents and then only had the number of the classification next to whatever he was writing. Many times I had to go back to the classification table to figure out what the numbers were referring too. It is however a very minor complaint.


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