The Druid’s Primer

Author: Luke Eastwood

Publisher: Moon Books

Copyright: 2012

Synopsis: Perhaps the first serious attempt to collate the vast body of druidic knowledge from verifiable ancient sources and Celtic survivals into one usable and practical volume as a handy reference for druids and a learning tool for the would be druid. Inspired by the medieval Irish ‘Scholar’s Primer’ this work is the culmination of 15 years’ research and practical exploration of what it means to be a druid in a modern context.

Review: This was certainly an interesting book to read.  It has been a while since I read a book that was about Druidic practice rather than its history.

The Druid’s Primer is certainly a very informative work.  It talks about the many aspects of Druidry from cosmology to the Gods and Goddesses to divination and Ogham.  I’ve seen a lot of reviews of this book (as well as the blurbs on the book) saying that this book is distinctly Irish in flavor.  Well, yes and no.  The book does have a lot of Irish materials in it, however it is not the JUST about the Irish material as it does have a lot of Welsh concepts in there like Awen and the Welsh names of some of the Feast days.  

My favorite chapters in this book actually occurs at the end of the book, namely the divination and Ogham chapters.  The author really did a good job in both instances.

In short, I would recommend this book to newbies as it does a very good job of explaining Druidry in an easy and simple way.

My friend Laibhran also has a review of this book up on her blog I highly recommend that you check it out right here: Random CR and Heathen Ramblings 


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