The Making of Scotland Series (Books)

This review is going to be a little different since I’m reviewing 12 books in one go.

The Making of Scotland is a series published by Birlinn LTD and Historic Scotland.  It covers a very long stretch of Scottish history from the first settlers to the clearances.  As I said before the series has 12 books each one is under 100 pages long and it looks to be aimed at teenagers though adults like myself who are interested in a simple history outline of Scotland will find these books VERY useful.  The books are very well done, lots of pictures and maps to illustrate points.  The end of each book has a list of sites that you may visit and books that you may read to get more information.  This is a bite sized history of Scotland up to the Clearances that helps you pinpoint which part of Scottish history you want to read more about.  Or if you just want to give your kids a history of Scotland that is easy enough to understand and short enough so as not to bore them too much.

The books in order are:

1. Wild Harvesters: The First People of Scotland by Bill Finlayson

2. Farmers, Temples and Tombs: Scotland in the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age by Gordon Barclay

3.Settlement and Sacrifice: The Later Prehistoric People of Scotland by Richard Hingley

4. A Gathering of Eagles: Scenes from Roman Scotland by Gordon Maxwell

5. Surviving in Symbols: A Visit to the Pictish NationBy Martin Carver

6. Saints and Sea-Kings: The First Kingdom of the Scots by Ewan Campbell

7. Angels, Fools and Tyrants: Britons and Anglo – Saxons in Southern Scotland by Chris Lowe

8. The Sea Road: A Viking Voyage Through Scotland by Olwyn Owen

9. Alba: The Gaelic Kingdom of Scotland AD 800-1124 by Stephen T. Driscoll

10. Burgess, Merchant and Priest: The Medieval Scottish Town by Derek Hall

11. Puir Labourers and Busy Husbandmen: The Medieval Countryside of Scotland 100-1600 by Piers Dixon

12. Age of the Clans: The Highlands from Somerled to the Clearances by Robert Dogshon

Highly recommended.


2 thoughts on “The Making of Scotland Series (Books)

  1. Dale Foote says:

    I have enjoyed your research and writing and since it seems you are well read in Irish myth, may I propose a question. In your research on Irish Mythology have you come across any references implied or explicit concerning Tea Tephi, the biblical prophet Jeremiah, the stone of destiny (Lial Fail) or Ollam Fodlah (sp?). I am a complete beginner in this area and would greatly appreciate any direction you may have to give me. Thanks,


    • celticscholar says:

      I have come across the stone of destiny in the myth of the Settling of the Manor of Tara and I have come across Ollam Fodlah I believe in the Colloquy of Ancients but I’m afraid not the others hope that helps.

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