The Historical Atlas of the Celtic World by John Haywood

Synopsis: Through fifty-four color maps, covering almost 3,000 years and spanning the whole of Europe, this atlas of the Celts charts their dramatic history from Bronze Age origins to present-day diaspora. Each map is accompanied by an authoritative text and supporting illustrations.

“Continental Celts” maps the Hallstatt and La Tène cultures in Central Europe; the migrations into Italy, Iberia, Greece, and Anatolia; the fate of Celtic culture under Roman rule; and the fortunes of the Bretons from the Dark Ages to their absorption by France.

Beginning with Iron Age Britain and Ireland, “Atlantic Celts” covers the failure of the Romans to complete the conquest of the islands, the resurgence of Celtic civilization in the Dark Ages, the history of Gaelic Ireland, and the making of Scotland.

“Modern Celts” examines the revival of Celtic identity, from the Celtomania of the eighteenth century through the growth of nationalism and the current state of Celtic culture.

Review: This is one of the books that I feel most newbies to the history of the Celts should have. The book is full of illustrations and maps that help newbies and advanced readers alike to chart the history of the Celts.

I’ve read a lot of history books but what makes this one special to me is that it helps me keep things straight in my mind.  The way it is divided definitely makes it easier to find specific time periods and the maps help one keep the territories straight.  The fact that it is up to date also makes it great to have.


5 thoughts on “The Historical Atlas of the Celtic World by John Haywood

  1. This is GREAT Cuardai! I will keep this in mind, since many are new to serious studies of what is termed the Celts, great review!

  2. Dafydd says:

    I’ve been thinking of getting a copy of this, although I’m not sure if it’s out-dated or not. Considering the mass re-interpretations that have taken place over the last few years within Celtic studies, a lot of books from 70s, 80s, and 90s have sort of gone out of date. I have the New Penguin Atlas of Ancient History, although it gives very little attention to the Celts. Is this book still up-to-date and worth buying? When was it published?

    • celticscholar says:

      This was published in 2001 and then again in 2009. I’d say it is pretty accurate, I certainly found it useful. A great place to go to get a basic idea of tribes and places when you don’t want to go searching in the tomes you have…

      • Dafydd says:

        Thanks for the help, I couldn’t find the publishing info online. I’m sure to get a copy in the near future. Thanks again!

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