Druids and Druidism by T. D. Kendrick

I resisted reading this book for a while because I knew that it was written in 1927 and the information in it would be out dated.  I opted to first read all I could on Celtic history before I jumped into it.  So now that I felt confident in my knowledge I read it.

I was actually pleasantly surprised.  The historical knowledge in it was not so bad.  Though of course out dated for the most part, some of  it was still very much applicable.

The author was very specific about what he though of the history linking the megaliths to druids, and he even chronicled the way these megaliths were linked to the druids and by whom.  He then when on to discuss the Celts in prehistory in a very concise manner for what was known in 1927, some of his conclusions are still the same today.  The following chapters talk about what the classical writers said about the druids, what he know of the Celtic religion, temples and origins of druidism.

The book is really short and to the point.  Be prepared for some English words that you don’t hear in the US, and be sure to have a historical background on the Celts and Druids before reading it so you can recognize the parts that have now been updated by archeology or new methods of dating.  All that aside, the book was an enjoyable look at the historian of the British 1920s, and a great source for what the classical writers said of the druids.


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