Tales of the Celtic Bards by Claire Hamilton

This was actually a very enjoyable book though it is clearly aimed at the modern Druids.

The author divides her book of myths into Irish, Scottish, Welsh and Armorica myths, with the Irish myths getting the lion’s share, but then, there are more of them.

The myths are not in their original translation but are rather retold by Claire.  This is great for people who are only just sinking their teeth into the Celtic myths.  Some of her interpretations are interesting of course but then this is the essence of the bard, who must always bring something of themselves into the storytelling.  I also found myself learning new myths; these would be the ones that came from Armorica (Brittany).

I liked reading them to myself and to my young cousins, they make for great bedtime stories for the older kids, as they are that easy to process, but like I said they would also make a great addition to someone’s library too.  I wouldn’t just limit myself to just this book for the versions of myths in it but it would be a great start.


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