The Passing of Alexei Kondratiev

On May 27,2010 the CT/CR world lost one of its elders and pioneers. He was a writer, a linguist and an all round great and patient guy. I won’t say anything more about him because others have. I would like to talk though about how he made me feel.

I didn’t know him personally but through some of the lists I belong too. And it seems to me that no matter how small or large the question directed at him was he always made the time to answer it, it never mattered to him who asked the question. He had time for the newbies, and never seemed to put them down when they asked a question. He directed them to the places they should start their search and when they had a follow up question he was there to answer, it may have taken him a bit to answer but he always answered.

His love of the Celtic languages was very evident in what he wrote and said. And it was from him that I learned to appreciate them, and the culture they belonged too. It was through reading his book “The Apple Branch” that I first learned about Celtic Spirituality and it was the starting point to the path I am on now. We may not have agreed on everything, but he taught me and many more like me what dedication meant.

May the gods welcome him with open arms.


One thought on “The Passing of Alexei Kondratiev

  1. Elaine says:

    Alexei was my teacher and friend. There is no one who can take his place. He will be missed.

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