Book Review: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Ethics

I know how people view “The Complete Idiot’s” series of books (I’m one of these people or I used to be) but when you get a complicated subject like ethics, then you start to view things a little differently. It is hard to know where start with complicated objects and when more scholastic beginner series fail you (in my case it was Oxford’s “A Very Short Introduction”) then you start to look at more mainstream ones and this is why I bought this book.

This book is divided into five parts. Part one is about the philosophy of life, ethical dilemmas, the difference between faith and reason, and how to balance religion and science when thinking about ethics. Part two discusses the nature of ethics. Part three has general recipes for guiding ethical decision-making. Part four is about applied ethics in the fields of the environment, biomedicine, business, and animal rights. And finally, part five is about the ethics of social justice.

I think what I mostly loved about the book is the easy way it described the main theories in ethics. The authors made it fun and they did not seemed to be biased towards one specific theory. Instead they explained each one and then gave you the flaws in them, and then how they can be applied. The conclusion they come to is that each of these theories has a flaw, and the best way to use them is to mix them together to get the best result. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to dip their feet into the ocean of ethical theories.


One thought on “Book Review: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Ethics

  1. Q onda says:

    Hi I’m reading this book at school firs I disliked it, you know like mmm. idiot’s guide sound boring but then I started reading it and I understanded the name ita was made from an idiont well two of them I think we have to stop them may be now they are just tu but then they can become more and more.

    I hate this book the thing is that some things are lazy mmm. I really read it don’t think I’m just basing on nothing for example in the page 69 OBJECTION THREE it says that you can’t do ethical actions based on the feeling that they cause you to do good things because of the “oooh, aaahh” feeling comes after de action, ja!

    That’s just lazy if you do an action for the great feeling the feeling comes after the action is a consequence of the first action. That is why the action is first not because you want to act is natural for human beings to act for a consequence remember that we are the only animal in all nature that can plan.

    I recomend this book if you want to lose or have some happy time read enjoy it an laugh whit it then use it to get warm you’ll need only some matches .

    Be ethical think by your self every one can think please, reason is the only human capacity ¡USE IT! you know what is good and bad. Why you’ll spend money and time. Think to make this horrible path we are all following a better place.

    I speak Spanish sorry for being so repetitive mi vocabulary is not as good as I would like.
    Good luck!

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