The Path Through The Forest: A Druid Guidebook by Graeme k. Talboys and Julie White

As you can see from the title this book has two authors.  The first is Julie White, a druid for many years and she was a teacher at an order before leaving to form her own grove, and the second is Graeme K. Talboys who is a Hedge Druid and holds degrees in Philosophy and education.  I think the combination of these two authors was a great one and it comes through in the book because the book itself flows very easily.

The book is divided into three parts, each one dealing with something different and yet they flow together extremely well.  The first part sets the stage by giving some background on the Celts and the druids as well as describing to the reader what the authors’ idea of Celtic Vision is.  The authors see the Celtic Vision as an interweaving of three things; cohesion of family, tribe and grove, balance in all things, and truth.  This is something that anyone following a Celtic path can relate too.  Part two talks about the three druidic paths of bard, vate and druid, cycles and celebrations and it becomes obvious that the authors are basing their path on the welsh branch of the Celtic culture with their explanations of Arthur and Awen.  The third part is about the practical side of things like rituals and meditations as well as trees, plants, herbs, and animals.  This book though has a companion Volume (which I will be reviewing next) that goes into more practical application of the information in this part.

Even though I am not very drawn to the Welsh branch of the Celtic path I found this book interesting to read, and very informative.  To the person who is just starting out the authors offer a comprehensive (but by no means the be all and end all, as they themselves admit) way of life.  In their introduction they ask you to answer some questions before you start out to see if you really want to go on in this path and they are very important questions that should be asked.  Like I said this is a great book to have in your library if you are going to follow the Druid path and do it with the Welsh branch of the Celtic culture.


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