Arianrhod’s Dance: A Druid Ritual Handbook by Julie White and Graeme k. Talboys

This is a companion to the book The Path Through the Forest.  While the first one is the theory behind the Druid Way this one is the practical side of things.  It talks about the importance of rituals and prayers, and discusses all the different cycles of life, from the cycle of the sun to the cycle of the moon to the cycle of life.

It is in this book that you find the ritual outlines that you need to perform your own rituals (again keep in mind they are using the Welsh tradition here).  They talk about the significance of each of the rituals they present and then give you an outline of how to perform these rituals.

The ceremonies are easy and they tell you what you might need for each one. It is a very useful book for those who are just new to the path and want a place to start.


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